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Boogie Woogie was an Indian dance competition television series created and directed by Naved Jaffrey and Ravi Behl for Sony Entertainment Television and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. Debuting in 1996, the show was hosted by Indian film and television personalities, Javed Jaffrey and Ravi Behl. Javed Jaffrey appears as the permanent celebrity judge, while his brother Naved, also the director and producer of the show, hosted the show. The early episodes were shot in Mehta Industrial Estate in Andheri, Mumbai and later, was also shot at other film studios in Mumbai including Natraj, Filmalaya, Filmistaan, Famous, Film City among others. It is one of the oldest dance reality shows on Indian TV and it has become the longest show in India. In the earlier seasons, the judges assigned various themes to episodes, including Bollywood, Horror, Friendship among others. It was also co-hosted by Kadambari Shantshri Desai in season 1 and 2. The popularity of the dance show has led to the creation of special championship shows, such as kids\' championships, teen championships and celebrity championships, in which various Indian celebrities, such as Mithun Chakraborty, Juhi Chawla, Esha Deol, Dia Mirza, Govinda, Vivek Oberoi and Ritesh Deshmukh have participated. Boogie Woogie was among the first shows to start special dance championships catering to different age groups. In the first two seasons, these championships would be one to two episode long and the one winner would be decided at the end of every episode.
Season 1 The series\' first season premiered in 1996 and ended in 1997. Season 2 After a long gap of 5–6 years, the show was relaunched by Sony Entertainment Television in 2003 for its 2nd season. After the end of season 2, Boogie Woogie was off air for sometime in 2006, before it came back in a new avatar in 2008. During this period, Sony Entertainment Television Asia in London launched the International Boogie Woogie championships. The judging format of this show was created bySamir Bhamra. Season 3 The show held auditions for its new season contestants from 16 to 20 February 2008 in Mumbai. The new season began on Sony Entertainment Television Asia in mid-March.In the end of February or in the beginning of March 2008, the name of series was prefixed with \"Videocon\" under a sponsorship deal and was titled Boogie Woogie Little Champs. Season 4 After the end of the 3rd season, its 4th season was launched in the last week of November 2008. Season 5 After the end of its 4th season, Sony Entertainment Television again launched the series for its 5th season on 29 May 2009, named Boogie Woogie Mummy\'s Championship. The series was continuously telecast from February or March 2008 to 3 October 2009, and was replaced by the new dance series Dance Premier League from 9 October 2009. However, the series was said to be return after Dance Premier League ends. Season 6: 2010 And the series really returned from 19 May 2010 as its 6th season. This season was telecast bi-weekly on every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 PM IST. Its Grand Finale was telecast on 13 August 2010. Season 7: 2013-2014
Javed Jaffrey and Ravi Behl. Javed Jaffrey appears as the permanent celebrity judge, while his brother Naved, also the director and producer of the show, hosted the show.
Meet the top 16 Boogie Woogie contestants Sachin Sharma Age: 13 years Hometown: Faridabad Dance Style: krumping and b-boying Sachin has been performing on stage since he was a year-and-a-half. He is learning urban, krumping, b-boying and contemporary dance forms. Sneha Chauhan Age: 11 years Hometown: Baroda Dance Style: Bollywood, jazz Sneha too wants to win the show to fulfil her mother\'s dream. She is also trained in contemporary, freestyle, belly dancing and lyrical dancing. Bebechana Gurung Age: 10 years Hometown: Korseong, Darjeeling Dance Style: hip-hop Impressed by Madhuri Dixit\'s expressions, Bebechana is learning bharatnatyam and freestyle. She wants to become a dancer, actor, singer, doctor, scientist, choreographer and a school teacher. Mohammed Mumtaz Age: 10 years Hometown: Delhi Dance Style: b-boying, lyrical hip-hop Mumtaz has been learning dance since age 2. He is trained in Bollywood, contemporary, hip-hop and b-boying. He wants to be known as the best dancer ever after attaining proper training. Tanya Bhushan Age: 13 years Hometown: Ahmedabad Dance Style: hip-hop, locking, popping Tanya started dancing when she was just three. She has done many stage shows and Michael Jackson is her favourite dancer. Preetjot Singh Age: 8 years Hometown: Ranchi Dance Style: somo tutting, hip-hop Naughty and talkative, Preetjot has been learning dance for the past three years. He hates studies and likes to play and dance. Aryan Patra Age: 12 years Hometown: Ranchi Dance Style: hip-hop, robotics, lyrical Aryan aspires to choreograph Hrithik Roshan some day. He has been learning dance since age five and gave his first performance when he was three years old. Abhishek Sinha Age: 11 years Hometown: Jamshedpur Dance style: hip-hop Abhishek has been learning Bharatnatyam since age three. He also learns hip-hop from his brother. Hrithik Roshan is his dancing Idol. Ayush Singh Age: 12 years Hometown: Howrah, West Bengal Dance Style: contemporary Ayush aspires to become a dancer and an actor. He also wishes to have a bike of his size. Smrity Panda Age: 12 years Hometown: Rourkela, Orissa Dance style: crumping, semi-classical, hip-hop A talkative girl, Smrity feels she is born to dance. She has been learning dance for nine years and is trained in Odissi and western dance (hip-hop, contemporary and salsa). Priyanka Tapadar Age: 12 years Hometown: Kolkata Dance: contemporary, Bollywood, hip-hop A drama queen, Priyanka wants to become a choreographer. She has been learning kathak since she was three years old. Raini Patel Age: 7 years Hometown: Navsari, Gujarat Dance Style: contemporary, popping The show\'s youngest contestant, Raini wants to become a choreographer or a pilot. She has been learning dance for two years. Urgen Tenzing Lama Age: 10 years Hometown: Darjeeling Dance style: contemporary, lyrical hip-hop. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Urgen has been learning dance since age 3. He wants to become a good dancer and his mother is his biggest support. Harmi Patel Age: 11 years Hometown: Navsari Gujrat Dance Style: All forms, but mostly hip-hop and freestyle Harmi has been learning dance since age three. She wants to become a doctor, who will treat her patients by making them dance. Sagar Mishra Age: 13 years Hometown: Delhi Dance Style: lyrical Sagar has learnt dance for four years. He is good at Bollywood, hip-Hop, lyrical, crumping, salsa, folk and semi-classical. He idolises Prabhu Dheva. Chirasmita Rout Age: 10 years Hometown: Balasore, Odisha Dance style: Bollywood To fulfil her mother\'s dream of watching her daughter on TV, Chirasmita started participating in shows. She wants to become a famous choreographer.
• Sachi Sharma Utah dance group (season 3) • Farhad shahnawaz • Priya Adivarekar (Season 1 and 2) • Phulwa Khamkar (Season 1) • Fictitious Dance Group (Season 1) • Jaykumar Nair (Season 3) • Mini and Group (Season 1 and 2) • Yogesh Pathak and company (Season 1 and 2) • Jayshree and group (Season 1 and 2) • Damandeep Singh (Season 2)
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