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The Importance of Learning the Art of Dancing

Dance represents one of our most basic and initial relationship with the world. For a child it begins before language or words. Children use movements to express their thoughts or emotions much before they have learned to speak.

They move naturally to gain mobility, and they find it liberating and wonderful.  However it is when these preliminary movements become structured, organized, intentional, intended towards an end that it becomes dancing.

Why should you learn to Dance.

  • Dancing instills in the dancers unfailing dedication and commitment. They imbue the high standards of perfection demanded in the training and take it to their practical life. The performing platform is also where they master the important lessons of discipline, commitment and work ethic.
  • The combination of different moves, the taste for music and the bodily flare or leaning to one, all nurture the creativity of the dancers.
  • Dance is a form of storytelling or a non verbal expression of emotions and thoughts. Self expression is facilitated and again so is imagination and creativity. Dancing teachers the dancers to develop and thriven a powerful individuality and teaches them to be disciplined about it.


How does dance benefit your body.


  • Dancers develop with practice an understanding of spatial relationships. It is said with regular and sustained dance training, dancers typically begin to use both parts of their brains or both sides become active, contributing to their perfection of the discipline.
  • All these skills contribute tremendously to a child or a learning adult’s practical life, their academic or other pursuits.
  • The most striking gift of this skill is physical fitness. Where people cannot find the time to afford their bodies that level of fitness or exercise essential for their well being, dance lessons give this opportunity on a hobby or passion basis. Fitness is not just an attribute here, it is an absolute necessity.
  • Dancers learn to coordinate muscles to move through proper positions. It teacher the dancers bodily discipline and muscular coordination.
  • As the physical aspect of the art is emphasized the dancers learn to value their fitness and become more aware of their stamina and strengths.


It works wonders for your social life


  • As the dancers ride over challenges and succeed, self confidence
  • Dancing is a great way to meet new people. This form attracts people from all walks of life, different age groups, social groups and all are held captive together by the enchanting practice. There is no predicting who will be good here or not and I this way dance equates everyone and makes them equally potentially gifted or not so.
  • Dancers develop team spirit and learn to forget their personal aims for a collective effort.


When should you start.


As early as you can! The benefits of dancing cannot be overemphasized. The sooner you start the better.

  • Even two year olds can enjoy the benefits of dancing. For them to do so, the training must be creative and fun.
  • Through dance children learn to make the cooperative effort essential to the production of a work of art.
  • Preschoolers benefit from age appropriate instruction. Dance enhances their physical, emotional, and social skills.
  • Everyone, especially children in their formative years benefit from dance lessons though dancing can be pursued at any age to maximum advantage provided one is fit enough to handle the rigour and discipline of dance training.
  • It is often adults who have found out time from home or work life who wish to pursue dance as a hobby and manage to conquer the art with perfect grace and energy.


The perks of dancing.


  • Dancing when pursued I groups or individually is a great way to have fun, groove to music while indulging in a productive activity.
  • Dancers have the added advantage of understanding music, beats, and rhythms. The dancers learn to relate the visual and physical form of dancing to music with advancing understanding.


Young dancers attain respect for the art and heritage of dancing as a performing art when they are given an opportunity to actively participate in class. When dance training is given in a disciplined and positive environment it encourages the overall development and growth of a dancer regardless of their age.  Young dancers learn that the learning here is endless and inexhaustible and therefore there is always more to achieve and look forward to, which inspires them to do more.

So what are you waiting for! Try out a dancing class nearby you and make sure it serves you best.

Eshita Tiwari





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