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Remo D’Souza’s struggling story!!

Remo D’Souza is an Indian dancer, choreographer, actor and film director.He struggled hard to reach where he is today.

After his schooling he realized that he didn’t had any interest in studies. He immediately left school and landed in Mumbai to struggle.He did not had any guru ,he loved dance since his early childhood and used to perform during school functions.

Whatever He has learnt about dance until now is by his own. He hasn’t taken any professional training. He learnt it by watching movies, music videos etc. He would rather say Michael Jackson is his guru as he used to copy his steps watching him dancing in his videos and then choreograph his own steps by adding something extra.

At the beginning he had no source of income and after few days he opened a dance class by the name of Super Brats.Initially he had four students and gradually it increased. He got money in that way but at one point he had literally no money and for two days, he stayed at Bandra station without having food.

It was in All India Dance Competition that his team came first and he got noticed. At that time, Ahmed Khan was working on Ram Gopal Varma’s Rangeela and was on the look out for fresh faces. He auditioned him and he got selected. At the beginning he was rejected because of his dark complexion and unattractive features whereas Ahmed wanted chikna and gora-gora ladka. But luckily Ahmed’s assistant knew about his dancing skills and insisted him to take me in the film. So, he got selected again for Rangeela’s first song, Ai re ai re… That was his first big break as a dancer and having a close up and opening shot in 70mm screen in Hindi film is a very big thing which made his career.

From there he started assisting Ahmed.After assisting Ahmed Khan for one year, he got the confidence to take on an independent project. It was Anubhav Sinha who gave him his first video. It was Sonu Nigam’s album Deewana. Luckily the video was a big hit and later he worked on many more videos along with Anubhav and others. As far as film is concerned, he got his first break in Hansal Mehta’s Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar, which unfortunately didn’t do well at the box office. It was again Anubhav Sinha who gave him his film Tum Bin which proved to be a big hit. But the real breakthrough he got is from the film Kaante where he choreographed item number Ishq Samundar… proved to be a major success. After Tum Bin and Kaante proving to be hits, he was on the seventh heaven actually.

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