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Dance – an art form that has stayed with us from the beginning of time

Dance is a language. A language known to every living soul. It binds us all together, no matter what age or from which corner of the world. A child, even before he has the ability to walk, can express his happiness with a movement of the arms- a little celebration dance of the little one.


The city people can learn a great deal about the village people whilst sharing a dance around the fire.

New friendships or old- when words cannot convey feelings- a little dance is a lot of help. All because.. when words can find no expression, action and movement is the solution.

Every dance tells us a story. Stories of real men.. of characters from an age-old folk tale.. of abstract feelings.. of heavenly things. It celebrates the beauty of the human existence and of the human body. In other words, it brings us closer to the divine.

We believe, dancing builds a network and a community that is bound together with the love for the same art. We want to help you become part of this community and join hands to give a platform for sharing this love all over the country.

We, at dance helpline, want every dancer in India to get instantaneous results as to hone their skills. If you want to learn dance, dance helpline is the place to be.

Dance Helpline provides you with end to end information about dance and fitness studios that are closest to you. Not only do we make your search easier and faster but useful as well. To do this, you can go through reviews on listed classes and share your own views by rating them.

Covering a great deal of events, we will find and help you connect with the right choreographers for everything whether it be a wedding or corporate team building exercise or school function or even home tuition’s!

Professionals and choreographers are also welcome to showcase their talents by finding students or a large fan following by participating in our listed events. Our listed events could also include your very own shows! Join us to book auditoriums for putting up your own great performance.

To ensure the success of your show, rely on our community to get you in touch with participants or teachers. And how much better is a show with the perfect environment? Create your dream world with the help of our selected listing of shops that provide you with the right costumes, fancy dresses and props.

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