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Dance a journey within

In a time and zone where we always are desperate to see ourselves in other faces. We challenge our self and keep acknowledging the power or the deprivation we have managed to see in us which in actual is nothing but a mirage .We have lost the power or the eternal desire to seek the truth that we have lost the companionship of the one that matters most i.e the inner self. The question –who am i? Dance though may sound humorous in this context  but is also a source to remind ourselves of who we are? The only truth that we need to remind ourselves of who we are? The only truth that we need to be reminded and act carefree in a zone that is self empowered for inner growth and beauty. Yes, surprisingly, dance is a form of meditation ; a source to connect to the one that is only ours .An urge to be completely dissolved and the moment that is not in any day tomorrow nor has surrendered itself to the belongings of the past. The body is the temple that needs resurrection from what we have made to it.  The utter purification of the body, mind and soul and it is a step process where body comes first. Dance purifies and lightens the pressure that we have got engrossed into since ages. It is a healing source. We might not be aware but we all are searching for the divine and dance in a way to connect to the one that is within. It is said to be most powerful forms of spiritual ritual. The essence is felt when we let ourselves dance .There comes a stage when it is said the memories fade and the body swirls with every step; head has no part in the play and it becomes a meditation. This is the call that we have to take for ourselves and allow ourselves to be aware and feel the beauty that has never left us. It takes a will to  be free-no more no less and dance to remind that we already are free. It seems external but is an eternal love.

For instance, belly dance is considered to be one that relaxes the mind providing the pace to meditation-a journey within. So, just dance along the surface with the inner. Dance has always been a medium to connect and feel the rejoice of the power to fight and become victorious .Earlier dance used to be an important aspect to be performed before war which made warrior fearless and reminded them of the power they have. The dancer forgets his or her presence and is enjoying the moment and the beauty of her body as light as feathers flowing not against the wind but with the wind and it is love that  is in, out and within.

There is a famous quote taken from ‘Thus spoke Zarasthrustra’ by the renowned philosopher and poet, Friedrich Nietzche –“I WOULD ONLY BELIEVE IN GOD THAT KNOWS HOW TO DANCE”. Here dancing is stated as the divine quality, a quality that bears the lightness over everything few and far. He associates the divine quality with the God. Dance is life, dance is allowing yourself to be flexible that is the basic attribute of a living being. Dance is allowing yourself to learn from natural circumstances, dance is the give up from the rigid, dead attitude that has no life. So, why not allow self to be free from what is not important and engage into the world of dance and allow forgiveness for self where there is no run for future and no escape from the past because the beauty exists in the present


“Nataraja”, the lord of dance is the depiction of Hindu God, Lord Shiva who dances divinely to destroy the universe to be created again by Lord Brahma, Hindu God of creation. Thus it is all under one cosmic zone which asks for resurrection, a believe to be free from whatever has captured us since ages. Dance is the present moment practice that makes it a practice of meditation.

Dance is a universal expression which holds the power to convey what words cannot  where everyone has the ability to dance, to grow from what we are to what we can be, to beautify within. And aren’t we all already trying to create balance in our life? Isn’t everything about having a balance between body, mind and soul?

DANCE for the inner growth, dance for the mental growth, dance for the physical growth and fitness, dance for life, dance for love just dance into yourself for who you are, for nothing is to loose, for you have it all, for you will never loose it, for it is the fun ,for it is the stress buster.

Dance is your basic nature, it is mine. These two are inseparable so no point in keeping away from what you are expected  to be, what can never part you. Dance is bliss.

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