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Vytautas Beliajus

Known as “vyts”to many of his friends,acquaintances and to his adopted American Indian family, Vytautas Finadar Beliajus was born in Lithuania and emigrated to the U.S at the age of fourteen.He had a sister named,Gyte Jekentes and two younger brothers named,Leonas and Julius respectively.His interest of dancing came to him in his early life when he was native “kaimas” of Pakumprys, Lithuania, where he was born on February 26 in the year 1906.His father was a fighter and was engage mostly in fighting a war.His mother worked on the estate owner’s land in order to make bead for living while his grandmother known to him as mo?iut?, cared for him and his two younger brothers, Leonas and Julius. He took specialization in Lithuanian dance but at the same time has performed and taught many other types of dances as well.He is called the Father of International Folk Dancing in the United States. 



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Vytautas Beliajus

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