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Vineet Sharma


-Blaster Bboy Championship 2014, Jalandhar, Solo Popping Battle- Winner -Del For Pol 2014,New Delhi, 2 on 2 Popping Battle- Winner -Switch The Funk UP(STFU) 2014,New Delhi ,Solo Popping Battle-Runner Up ( Judged by Greenteck , Canada) -Get Together Jam 2014,New Delhi, Solo Popping Battle- Winner (Judged By Salah, France) -Delhi Funk Cirlce III 2013, 2 on 2 Popping Battle- Runner Up -Delhi Funk Circle IV 2014, Solo Popping Battle- Runner Up -Hip Hop Carnival 2013, 7 To Smoke, Kolkata ,Popping Battle-Runner Up -Flava IN Soul Jam 2014,Jalandhar , Solo Popping Battle- Winner -Crazy Battle 2014 ,Bahadurgarh , Solo Popping Battle - Winner -Bring It On (Vol 2), Ludhiana , Punjab , Solo Popping Battle - Winner -Celestial Cyphers (Vol 2 ) , Hyderabad , Solo Popping Battle - Runner up ( Judged by Jade Zuberi , Detroit) -Challenge Cup 2014 , Chennai , Solo Popping Battle - Top 16 -FREEZE 2014 , BANGALORE , Solo Popping Battle - Winner {Judged by World Famous Bboy Storm( Germany) and Bboy Flexum ( U.S.A) ( India's one of the best Hiphop Jam) } -Fusion of Breaking Jam (Vol 1) 2014, New Delhi , Solo Popping Battle - Runner Up -Taste The Funk (Vol 1) 2014, New Delhi, Solo Popping Battle - Winner -------Vineet even Judged few Jams, listed below------ -Kurukshetra 2014, Bahadurgarh, Solo Popping Battle -Bring It On 2014, Ludhiana, Solo Popping Battle -Raw Circle 2014, khanna ,Punjab - Delhi funk circle 1st year anniversary 2014


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Vineet Sharma

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