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Urban Dance Camp 2016


Email : [email protected]

Locations Of Event

Date : 2016-07-11 To 2016-08-26

Time : 11:00

Contact No. : 8130544465

Contact Person : Dancehelpline

Event Details

Internationally Oriented Dancers, Teachers & Choreographers

Specifically created for international oriented dancers from around the world.

With participants from over 33 nations the Urban Dance Camp gather dancers like you in an enviroment full of energy, to learn better and educate yourself more effective for your future. An international education does much more than open eyes and broaden perspectives. In an increasingly interdependent world, it is essential to fostering the global and cross-cultural knowledge and understanding necessary facts for a confident dance leadership and high competitiveness. Get the idea of a bigger picture, learn new concepts, ways of dance and how to present your art. The Urban Dance Camp is specifically created for internationally oriented dancers, teachers, and choreographers from around the worl


[email protected]

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