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Tatsumi Hijikata

Tatsumi Hijikata was a Japanese choreographer,teacher and a choreographer.He was known as the father of the Butoh which is a Japanese theater dance form .Mr. Hijikata coined the term “Butoh”for the dance form that he developed during the late 1950 and first he called it Ankoku Butoh or “ancient dance step of utter darkness”.Initially he was considered controversial and shocking in the United States.He was also a charismatic teacher  who held various classes as well as workshops in Tokyo.Among his students were Kazuo Ohno; Akaji Maro, who directed the Dai Rakuda-kan company; director of the Sankai Juku company; the performers Min Tanaka, and Eiko and the Mutekhi-sha troupe.He gave his first performances in 1959 when him,Kazuo Ohno and others performed together.He has been described as “time dancing” by the writer Yukio Mishima who is also a friend of Mr Tatsuma Hijikata.


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Tatsumi Hijikata

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