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Tabitha And Napoleon D\\\\\\\'umo

Tabitha A.D’umo Cortopassi was born on September 11,1973  and Napolean Buddy D’umo was born on October 17,1968.Together they were known as Nappytabs and have won Emmy awards.The choreographers who are considered the pioneers for developing lyrical hip hop.They are well known for their choreography on So You Think You Can Dance,the television show and have supervised choreographers and executive producers from America’s Best Dance Crew. Their choreography has been appreciated and praised a lot.They have been working in the dance industry since 1996 and own Nappytabs urban dance wear.To the mainstream audience,their work was introduced in 2008 and it was then when they became supervising choreographer of So You Think You Can Dance and America’s Best Dance Crew.It was with So You Think You Can Dance that lyrical hip hop choreography garnered exposure.Since the beginning they have worked together as partners and it is rare to see them work apart.


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Tabitha And Napoleon D\\\\\\\'umo

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