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Super Cr3w

Super Cr3w (pronounced "Super Crew" and also spelled "Super CR3W") is a breakdance crew from Las Vegas,Nevada who won the 2nd season of America's Best Dance Crew. "JabbaWockeeZ" and "Super CR3W" have a unique history together. Cristyle is a member of "Full Force Crew" with original "Super CR3W" member Ronnieboy before their ABDC wins. And in recent years, fellow '"JabbaWockeez" member Kid Rainen, had joined "Full Force", later adding "Super CR3W" members Do-Knock, Vex, & Rockadile to the crew. In May 2010, Jabbawockeez had their own show at the MGM Grand in Vegas and asked Ronnie, Do-Knock, Ben, and Rock from Super Cr3w to perform with them. Super Cr3w dressed up in masks and danced with the Jabbawockeez. The connection between the two crews is so strong that they often call themselves the "Super Wockeez" when they are together. •


• 2004: Ronnie is runner up in Red Bull BC One 2004 in Biel, Switzerland • 2005: Ronnie wins 3rd place in Red Bull BC One 2005 in Berlin, Germany • 2006: Ronnie is runner up in Red Bull BC One 2006 in São Paulo, Brazil • 2007: Ronnie becomes champion at Red Bull BC One 2007 in Johannesburg, South Africa • 2008: Ronnie is a participant in Red Bull BC One 2008 in Paris, France • 2008: Super Cr3w finishes top 16 at Freestyle Session 10. • 2008: Super Cr3w wins Season 2 of Americas Best Dance Crew • 2009: Ronnie judges Red Bull BC One 2009 and promotes Red Bull BC One 2009 through a commercial • 2009: World of Dance Showcase and Winner of 5 on 5 champions • 2009: Hip Hop International Showcase. • 2009: Battle of the Year 2009 repping USA only Ben and Mike with Knucklehead Zoo. This is the ony crew invited that year for a spot to rep their country; other countries battled for their spot. • 2009: Suck My Kiks (in Japan) 3 on 3 champions. • 2009: Ben in an exhibition battle at Claws Out 4 against Wing who is Red Bull BC One 2008 Champion • 2009: Ronnie and RJ judge in Athens, Greece. • 2010: Ronnie&Ben as judges for Battle of the Year 2010 for CZ + SK. • 2013: Ronnie is a participant in the Red Bull BC One 2013 10 Year Anniversary in Seoul, Korea





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Super Cr3w

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