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Sneha Kapoor

Sneha Kapoor is who is popularly known as “The Indian Salsa Princess”an Indian choreographer,salsa dancer and instructor .She began her career with a dance company in Bangalore.She is trained in Salsa,Bachata,Merengue,Jive,Adaigo,Hip Hop and Bollywood.She was requested to Jabalpur on 25May 2015 as a guest to watch the show of great dancing children.She is popularly known as “The Indian Salsa Princess” or “Salsasneha”.She is tagged for having a big role in putting the Indian salsa globally and has represented the country and win many International Salsa Championships.She began her career with Lourd Vijay’s Dance Studio in 2006.It was then when she embraced other dance forms as well.She was originally an athlete but due to some reasons she met Richard Tholoor and decided to become a dancer .She has choreographed the South Indian movie named Jugaari and Madhur Bhandarkar’s film,Heroine.She does her performances nationally and internationally.


Dance forms
  • Salsa
Choreography Experience
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Sneha Kapoor

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