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Sergei Diaghilev

Sergei Diaghilev was born on March 13,1872 and he was a law student when he came to St. Peters berg .He became the founder of Mi Iskusstva,the art magazine of that time.It was the same year when he was selected artistic adviser of the Maryinsky Theater.When the magazine stopped publishing he focused on organizing exhibitions in St.Petersberg and Paris of Russian Art.He introduced a season of Opera and ballet to Paris and he along with best dancers from the Mariinsky  he achieved great success.He had to struggle for many during his Paris project.He was required to raise money to get dancers back to St. Petersberg before their season started.He handled various editorial projects for the imperial venue and used to oversee the performances.He used to visualize art in a way and with a belief that various dance forms could come together onstage and recruited composers like Claude Debussy,Manuel Da Falla ,Eric Satie along with various visual artists like Pablo Picasso,Joan Miro and Henri Matisse.


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Sergei Diaghilev

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