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Salah \\\\\\\"Entertainer\\\\\\\" Benlemqawanssa

Salah “Entertainer” Benlemqawanssa was born on June 28,1979 and was also called by name Spider Salah.Salah  received an award for hip –hop dancer from France and won the inaugural season of La France a un incroyable talent which meant that france has an incredible talent and the fourth season of Arabs got talent.He is well skilled in b-boying and is best known for popping.He believes that his dance is his life and his life revolves around dancing and performing.He is loved by millions of people.He has been a name in the popularity of the hip hop culture.He is one the dancer who has gained the huge popularity on youtube .He has won UK B-Boy Championships & Juste Debout. His performances are poetic to the level they have a physical feat.He is believed to have a special ability to connect to the audience making them believe they are on a different level of world itself.


Dance forms
  • Hiphop
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Salah \\\\\\\"Entertainer\\\\\\\" Benlemqawanssa

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