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Ruth St. Denis

Ruth St.Denis with original name,Ruth Dennis was born on January 20,1879 was an American contemporary dance innovator who influenced phases of American dance.Ruth Dennis displayed huge interest in the theater since an early age with a focus on dance.She started dancing in vaudeville and comedy shows since she was a teenager and then she appeared in David Belasco’s productions of Zaza,Du Barry and The Auctioneer.She was inspired by a cigarette poster while she toured in the last play that featured an Egyptian scene of the Goddess Isis.Ruth St.Denis became her stage name and in 1906 she performed in New York City of her first dance work called Radha along with other pieces such as The Cobra and The Incense.She got married to Ted Shawn in 1914 and a year later they founded the Denishawn School and company in Los Angeles.Her autobiography named Ruth St.Denis:An Unfinished Life was published in 1939.


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Ruth St. Denis

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