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Rudolf Von Laban

Rudolph Van was born in the year 1879 and was born in Austro Hungary.He was a dancer,choreographer and a dance theoretician.He was the one of the founders of European Modern.Trough his style he raised the status of dance as an art form .He invented a system of dance notation which is now known as Labanotation or Cinematography. He was the first person to start community dance .He made various reforms for the dance so it is available to everyone.His father was a high raking military figure in the Austro Hungarian empire.He used to spend much time in Bosnia and Herzigovina .He rejected the military career plan and became an artist.He observed the moving body and its spaces through his studies of architecture at the Ecoles des Beauz Arts in Paris.He was appointed as the choreographer to the Prussian State Theaters in Berlin in the year 1930.


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Rudolf Von Laban

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