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Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf Nureyev or Rudolf  Hametovich Nureyev was born on March 17,1838 in Irkutsk,Russia.He became a soloist after graduating from the Leningrad Ballet School with the Kirov Ballet.His London debut was for the Royal Academy of Dancing in 1961.He did his first choreography in 1964.He was an artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet.He started dancing professionally at the local opera when he was aged 15 .Then he did a job with the corps de ballet and had toured in Moscow with them.At 17 he was taken into the Leningrad Ballet School where his teacher was Alexander Ivanovich Pushkin.After his graduation he was into a soloist contract with the Kirov Ballet in St.Petersberg and had made a debut opposite Natalia Dudinskaya.He danced for 15 major roles in the next few years at the Kirov Theater including The Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake .He has also performed in films such as Valentino and Exposed.


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Rudolf Nureyev

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