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Robert Joffrey

An American Dancer and choreographer  and the founder of the famous Joffrey Ballet with his partner Gerald Arpino. Joffrey Ballet is a professional dance company where many well known dancers and choreographers have worked with Twyla Thap,George Balanchine,Paul Taylor .His original name was Abdulla Jaffa Bey Khan and was born on December 24,1930.He suffered from asthma and the belief that it would help to relive the symptoms of his illness.He introduced various modern dance choreographers to ballet audiences.He was a master teacher.earlier he trained gift of students and young professionals through the Joffrey Ballet School established in the year 1953 and The Joffrey Workshop in San Antonio founded in 1977.He also taught as a guest teacher at festivals around the country.He has been the recipient of various awards;the Capezio Award,New York City’s Handel Medallion,Dance Notation Bureau’s Distinguished Service Award,The Dance Magazine Award.He was also a member of many art councils and organizations.


  • He won numerous awards and honors for his contributions to the world of dance including the Dance Magazine Award, in 1964, the Capezio Award in 1974, and the Handel Medallion of the City of New York, in 1981.

·  In 2000, he was inducted into The National Dance Museum


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Robert Joffrey

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