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Princess Lockerooo

Priness Lockeroo was born and raised up in New York City and is a performance artist who has talents of choreography,artistic direction and music production for stage and films and make up design .The diva is considered an advocate for bringing popular 1970 disco era back to limelight.Princess Lockeroo has been the student of the Legendary Soul Train Dancer Tyrone Proctor ,she is a specialist and focuses mainly on the freestyle element of the dance  which asks for individual development.Her style has made her audience a complete fan of her since she has been seen in So You Think You Can Dance of Season 8 and has been an inspiration to countless students from Asia,Europe and beyond.She has a background in musical theater.Recently she was featured on the Wendy Williams Show and the Icona Pop video called All Night and has given performance for Dance In Madonna and Billboard Live in Tokyo and Osaka. 


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Princess Lockerooo

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