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Prabhu Deva

Known popularly as “India’s Michael Jackson”, Prabhu Deva has a career in dance spanning about 25 years. He was born on 3rd April 1973 in Mysore, Karnataka in a Lingayat family and he claims his inspiration to begin dancing was his father Mugur Sundar who was also a well-known dance master in South India. Much of his upbringing happened in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. From a young age, Prabhu Deva was trained in various forms of dance, both Indian classical forms such as Bharatnatyam and Western forms. Michael Jackson is a primary influence of his dance technique. His first appearance on film was in 1998 as a background dancer. ‘Vetri Vizha’ was the first movie in which he directe the dance numbers. Since then, he has choreographed for more than a hundred movies. From a choreographer, he worked his way into Kollywood as an actor. His first movie as a lead actor was ‘Indhu’ that was released in 1994. Today, he has a large fan base in Tamil, Telugu and Kannada film industries.


Prabhu Deva is a recipient of two national film awards. Apart from acting in dozens of movies, he has choreographed even more. He has performed with a Tamil dancing troupe in Munich, Germany for the “Michael Jackson and Friends” concert. He is also the chairman and director of “Prabhu Deva’s Dance Academy” in Singapore.


Dance forms
  • Bharatanatyam
  • Western
Choreography Experience
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Prabhu Deva

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