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Pierre Rameau

Pierre Rameau was born on 26 January,1674.She was the French dancing master of Elisabetta Farnese and the author of two books with information about Baroque dance.His first book,Le Maitre a Dancer was a dance manual on instructions to formal ballroom dancing in the French style.The first part of which covers reveraences,posture,steps and the ballroom while the second part is concerned with the use of arms. Abbrege de la Nouvelle Method was his second book which described a modified version of Beauchamp Feuillet Notation  and had included various choreographs by Pecour in the new notation.Though his notations were nor uniformly adopted but his information's and details on the shortcomings of Beauchamp Feuillet notation provided dancers with clarity about execution of the steps.


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Pierre Rameau

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