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Norberto Esbrez

Norberto Esbrez was born on November 22,1966 and was an Argentine tango dancer,teacher and a choreographer.Norberto Esbrez,a dance master of tango Nuevo .He was also called by the name of El Pulpo or Octopus for his very fluid leg movements.He was the founder and the creator of various tango movements such as elevador,el elastic,ocho loco .It was him who explored the concept of saccades con agarre and enganches. He was so famous with his moves that whenever dancers combined several leg moves that used to look like Pulpo’s it was called as Pulpeades. He developed suspension as a concept to create fluidity as a part of the dance.He has worked with theaters and in various show places such as Café Tortoni,Teatro Opera, Teatro San Martin,El Viejo,La Ventana,Casablanca.He has also taught as a member of the Academia Argentina de Tango in Brazil.Luiza Paes was one of his partners in the International Congress Of Congress of Argentine Tango in Buenes Aires.


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Norberto Esbrez

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