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Neil Schwartz

Neil “Dradle” Schwartz has been practicing the art of dance since seven.He has graduated from the University of Maryland and then moved to New York City.He has had the honor to work with Rhapsody,Luam,Lisette,Chonique and Eric Jenkins.He has done choreography for artists like Push Play and Dnay B.He has assisted Luam on Monica Rush,for Icona Pop on America’s Got Talent and David Letterman,assisted for Dawn Richards.Broadway Dance Center recently hired him to choreograph Sephoras Industrial for the launch of Pharell Williams fragrance,Girl.He has also done assistant choreography for Lisette Bustamante on Girl Generation Hikkup. He was selected as a choreographer from PMG  with Catherine Hidalgo for the flashmob seen on The Today Show in promotion for Warner Brother’s Magic Mike.He has traveled to various places;Peru,Hawaii,Brazil,Mexico,Vienna,Italy,Argentina,Croatia conducting workshops and has been a recipient as a returning guest artist in 2011 at the Young Choreographers Festival in 2010.


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Neil Schwartz

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