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Mos Wanted

Mos Wanted Crew is A clan of Choreographers to rep not just as individuals or as a crew but to REP OUR COMMUNITY. 2011 is a year for us to come hard and represent US! Created by the Co-Founder of World of Dance Tour, Myron Marten with the great help from his close friend Jun Quemado, They hand picked a set of good friends that are very well involved with the dance community locally and internationally and wanted to come together as a crew to represent where they started from, raised from and give respects to where they are now as blessed dancers and hopefully to achieve more accomplishments in dance. They are not here to represent as individuals but to show they haven’t forgotten where they come from and that is our COMMUNITY. The name Mos Wanted is not to show that we are the Best of the Best or will ever claim that, but to point out this is WHAT WE WANT MOS in life. Dance is the passion for Mos Wanted, just like 1000s of dancers feel the same way around the world. We are very humbled and blessed for the opportunity to create a new brotherhood of dance, as we look at each other as our own inspirations and role models in this community. We thank each and everyone you for all the rapid support and words of encouragement. We only hope for the best and this is only the beginning. WHAT DO YOU WANT MOS? MWC Listed below are a list of the crews that MWC members have been part of through out their dance careers. To pay respect, these crews are listed on their MWC shirts. 220 Architeks Boxcuttuz Breed Chill Factor Choreo Cookies LA Clippers Fast Break Crew Culture Shock Formality GRV Infinity Beijing Kinjaz Mavyn MOS WANTED CREW Movement Lifestyle Non Stop PAC Modern Sick Step Soreal Cru Soul Fresh Soundbox Studios Street Family Super Galatic Beat Manipulators Supreme Soul Team Degree Team Millennia Urban FX Urban Youth World of Dance


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Mos Wanted

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