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Miss Vee

Valerie Ho whom we also know as “Ms Vee” is a performer and a dancer well known whose dance has elements of hip hop including :freestyle,popping,breaking,locking,house,Chinese dance,Tap,Ballet,Modern,Swing,Salsa,Chinese martial arts,Capoereira and Yoga.She specializes in Street dance and Hip Hop culture.She has studied with highly respectable like:Popin Pete,Buddha Stetch,Mr.Wiggles,Greg Campbellock,Skeeter Rabbit.Her credits include dancing for Queen Elizabeth II and for tour productions of Rennie Harris’Legends of Hip Hop and has performed with the very known Hip Hop companies Moptop Music and Movement and The Groovaloos and has toured the world with Strathcona Chinese Dance Company.Miss Vee has an experience since 1993 with people with all levels and ages has made her more versatile.Since 2004 she has been on the Broadway Dance Center Faculty since 2004.


Dance forms
  • Ballet
  • Freestyle
  • Jazz
  • Locking
  • Modern dance
  • Popping
  • Salsa
  • Swing dance
  • Tap dance
Choreography Experience
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Miss Vee

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