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Merce Cunningham

Merce Cunningham was born in Centralia,Washington on April 16,1919.He then joined Martha Graham’s dance company and did his own choreography using music from John Cage,a composer who then became his partner. He was remembered for his innovations while collaborating with other artists as well. He was one of the most influential choreographer of the 20th century.He said he started as a tap dancer and that was his first theater experience,stayed with all his life.He studied with Maude Barrett in his teens who was a circus performer and an artist .He attended George Washington University before attending the Cornish School of Fine Arts in Seattle in 1937.He was asked to join the Matha Graham Dance Company in the year 1939.He performed several years with the group such as Appalachian Spring in 1944 and El Penintente in 1939.His company continued to garner audience in 1964 during their first international tour. 


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Merce Cunningham

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