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Maya Plisetskaya

Maya Mikhayalovna Pliset on 20 November was a Soviet born choreographer,ballet director and actress who Spanish and Lithunian. She danced at the same time as Galina Ulanova during  the Soviet era.She studied ballet from age nine and has performed at the Bolshoi Theater when she was eleven.When she was eighteen she joined Bolshoi Ballet  and then rose to a leading soloist.Her early years were linked with political repression.She was allowed to tour outside the country for sixteen years after she joined the Bolshoi.Her fame as a national ballerina as used to represent the Soviet Unions’s achievements during the Cold War.Premier Nikita Khrushchev considered her “not only the best ballerina in the Sovier Union but the best in the world”.In her autobiography she discussed her father’s execution under Joseph Stalin.She became “an international superstar”and a continuous “box office hit throughout the world”.In 1991,her autobiography got published named,I,Maya Plisetskaya.


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Maya Plisetskaya

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