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Maris Liepa

Maris Liepa was born on 27 July in Riga and was the principal dancer of the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow .He was a man of principal.He attended the Latvian Opera and Ballet School.His father’s Anme was Edward Liepa who was an opera singer but he lost his voice at a very age and then became a stage engineer.Maris Liepa stage debut was in opera.He sung at boys choir in “Carmen”at the Riga Opera and Ballet .He wished to stay in Moscow but the ministry of Culture insisted that he goes to Riga .In 1960 he was invited to dance with the Bolshoi Ballet group.His last role was in the theater in 1977.He has worked in various Russian and foreign films such as s (“The Tomb of the Lion,” “Bembi’s Childhood,” “Bembi’s Youth,” “Lermontov,” “The Fourth”) and wrote articles (“I Want to Dance for 100 Years” (1980) and “Today and Tomorrow in Ballet. Maris Liepa” (1986).


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Maris Liepa

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