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Mario Maya

Mario Maya,born in 1937 in Cordoba,started to dance in the Sacromonte Caves .He grew up in Granada and then started to dance there itself.He has danced with Manolo Caracol in the 1950 .He parted with La Chunga at the Pilar Lopez Ballet from 1956 to 1956.They both made a debut at the Biombo Chino in Madrid and has toured South America and the United States .He established his school in Seville in 1983 and after ten years he presented his new company called “Flamenco Mario Maya at the Alca Palace Theater in Madrid.He directed the Andalusian Dance Company between 1994 and 1997.He also was a part of Carlos’s Saura film Flamenco in 1995.he died in  the year 2008.


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Mario Maya

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