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Mallika Sarabhai

Mallika Sarabhai is a  renowned personality known for her Kuhcipudi and Bharatnatyam dances.She has made her contributions to the fields of acting,writing and publishing .She has participated in many projects initiated by United Nations.She has also received the “French Palme D’or” that is the highest civilian award of France. Mrinalini Sarabhai,the famous dancer is her mother and the reputed space scientist Vikram Sarabhai is her father.She is a multifaceted personality.She is multi talented;a filmmaker,TV anchor,noted dancer and social activist .Mallika Sarabhai is an alumnus of IIM Ahmadabad and was trained by R.Acharyelu in Kuchipudi.She has won many awards for her classical dance including the “French Palme D;or”.Her theater work reflects the challenges and problems of society and focuses on sending a strong message.She has a unique style of presentation.She has published some her very known books such as,Jute Handlooms Of India,India’s Daughters,Cultural Guide to Ahmadabad and many more.


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Mallika Sarabhai

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