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Malika Kalontarova

Malika Kalontarova was born on September 2,1950.He was born with the name Mazol .Her father wanted her to become a hairdresser but she insisted to become a dancer instead.Though she always had a rebellion in her attitude but she never forgot her roots.She received her training from Gh.Valamatzoda and Remziye Bakkal. Her director wanted her to change her name as he believed Mazol sounded too Jewish and change to Malika which means Queen in Arabic and Kolontarova was believed to dance like a queen.She started her career in 1965 and got associated with “Lola Dance Ensemble”.She became one of the most popular entertainers in the USSR and in Central Asia.She was remembered for her folk dances and the dances that became a part of the Central Asian artistic culture.She toured various countries such as Afghanistan,Spain,Turkey,Russia and India.She also appeared in some Indian films.She is believed to make a revolution in Oriental popular dancing.


Dance forms
  • Belly dance
Choreography Experience
  • Events
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Malika Kalontarova

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