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Loie Fuller

Loie Fuller was born on 15th January 1862.She started her career as a child actress who performed as a skirt dancer during her twenties.She is taken as a pioneer of modern and theatrical dance.She choreographed her work with silk costumes having multi colored lighting designed by her.Though she became famous in America but she felt she wasn’t taken as a serious dancer who continued to think of her as an actress.She was a regular performer at the Folies Bergere. Her work attracted attention of various artists such as Maurice Denis,Demetre Chiparus,Marie Curie,Stephane Mallarme, Auguste Rodin ,Henri-Pierre Roche.He is considered as an influential choreographer.Her first successful choreography was Serpentine Dance (1891).Loie Fuller was called an Irreplaceable Dance Treasure by the Dance Heritage Coalition.She has been written about by Sally R.Sommer in a biography entitled Loie Fuller,Goddess of Light in 1997.She drafted her memoirs which was published by the name of Fifteen Years of a Dancer’s Life by H.Jenkins.


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Loie Fuller

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