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Leonard Reed

Leonard Reed was born on January 7, 1907 in Lightning Creek,Oklahoma-April 5,2004 in West Covina)and he was an American Tap dancer who co-created the famous Shim Sham Shimmy (Goofus)dance routine with his partner Willie Bryant .He was a mix of black,white and Choctaw.His mother died of Pneumonia when he was only two and he could never know his father.He won for contests for dancing in the Charleston and has performed during carnivals of summer.He went to Cornell University but had to drop out to pursue a dance career.In a vaudeville act called “Brains as Well as Feet”he was paired with Byant .He believed dancing was his only love and he could manage multi tasking.he produced various shows at the Cotton Club in Chicago and he has been master of ceremonies since 20 years at the Apollo Theater in New York.He received a lifetime achievement award from the American Music Awards in the year 2000. 


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Leonard Reed

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