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Laure Courtellemont

Dancer, Choreographer & Professor, Laure Courtellemont is well-known worldwide as the best in her profession. At the creation of Ragga Jam: a concept of pedagogical and choreographic vision of dancehall (Jamaican Dance), she travels the world to share her amazing talent, attending exhibitions, festivals and workshops. From New York to Paris, Moscow, Milan and Sao Paolo she is known as the most talented dancer and one of her own kind … She shines through perfection and mastery of her dance moves. With a mix of originality, grace, character, sensuality and femininity, she makes dancehall accessible to the grand public. You do not need to be an expert to appreciate her talent; her choreographies are proof as well as her YouTube videos with millions of viewers. No one is immune to her talent. From 2001 to 2007 Laure has long-continued to associate herself with Nike, sportive equipment. Their collaboration is carried through organizing events destined to promote Nike, an American brand name through Ragga Jam. From this collaboration was born both the first company of Nike dancers and the brand name Ragga Jam by Nike. The success was immediate and undeniable to the grand public as well as to the decision makers of Nike-Europe. As a result Laure became the spokes model of the European campaign “TAKE SPORT ADD MUSIC”. This collaboration is presented through events for Nike Women (Ragga Jam by Nike) & “FLASH MOBS” in the most prestigious areas of Paris (Opéra de Paris, Toit des Galeries Lafayette, Jardin du Luxembourg, Jardin d’acclimatation, Galeries Lafayette…). Laure teaches Ragga Jam at the biggest dance events around the world, she is also a member of jury in the biggest dance competitions in the world (SDK, UDC, Big Up Kemp, Rio H2K, International Bresil, Boot Dance Camp, Juste Debout…). Her class, performance and choreography have been amongst the most renowned on the TV show YOU CAN DANCE. She inspires the new generation and her classes are jam-packed!! Laure is known in the four corners of the earth. To date she teaches everywhere from Brazil to New York (where she lived from 2008 through 2010) via the West Indies, Russia, Poland, Siberia, Finland, Jamaica, Tahiti, Mexico, Turkey and The Czech Republic, they have all vibrated to the rhythm of LAURE COURTELLEMONT !!!


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Laure Courtellemont

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