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La Argentina

La Argentina was born on July 18,1936 in Buenes Aires. He was a dancer who started Neoclassical style of Spanish dancing and who helped to create the Spanish dance as a theatrical dance.Her parents were professional dancers with whom she studied ballet with her parents.She became premiere danseuse at the mAdrid Opera at the age of 11 but then she resigned at 14 in order to study the native dances of Spain.She was not accepted for concert performance for many years and her dance became limited to cafes and music halls.She danced at the Moulin Rouge among other places after World War I.Her concerts was in 1927 at the Theater Des Champs Elysees in Paris and until her death she gave concerts and performances in Europe,America and the East and was then tagged as the finest Spanish dancer of the era.Her technique is considered as outstanding.


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La Argentina

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