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Kevin Paradox

Kevin Paradox is a dancer from Holland.His caeer rose due to his theoretical and radical approach that he had towards his art.He now spreads the teaching in the world .Kevin Paradoz started dancing since the age of seven.He was inspired by his parents who were musicians of their times.Hence it came to him naturally.Earlier ten years to him were not successful ones for him but it made him feel better about himself,so he continued to do so. It was a form of expression for him.He had no knowledge of dance and its culture.Earlier he was laughed at by his audience of that time but nothing stopped him.In general,he was interested in martial arts,sports,science and philosophy.He also created theories and philosophies and it because of this that he grew more in the form.He believed that dance is more than a form of expression and entertainment .Rather it is a way of understanding and perceiving science and spirituality of the world.


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Kevin Paradox

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