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Kapela Marna

Born on 10 January 1985 Kapela member of the Serial Stepperz Group and Wanted Posse whose specialties are the Top Rock and House Dance, dissociates by his agility. In 1999 he started the Break Dance where her another highlight: musicality, allows him to get noticed during battles Top Rock / Footwork. Such as 1000 for 100 Underground Paris, Street Star Sweden, Russia Black Sea Contest ... In 2004 he joined the International Dance Academy (IDA) where for three years he will grow artistically and technically. It is the encounter with Babson the Wanted Posse who begin a turning point in his personal and artistic life, he discovered House Dance. With all his experiences and his Kapela training innovates and imposes his style by mixing together the Footworks and steps. Winners and judge many events prestigious, Kapela is undoubtedly one of Outsiders French. Recognized international reputation is well established, though the best is yet to come. Kapela / Kapelson Serial Stepperz Crew Wanted Posse and native of Mantes la jolie in 78 Dancer / Choreographer / Performer / Teacher


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Kapela Marna

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