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Juliet Prowse

Juliet Anne Prowse was born on 25 September 1936 and was an Anglo Indian dancer who career spanned for four decades and it included stage,film and television.She visited South Africa where her family emigrated after World War II.She was born in Bombay and was British Indian to South African parents and reared in South Africa.She started studying dance since the age of four.During her earky twenties she was dancing at a club in Paris where she was spotted by a talent agent and then got signed to play the part of “Claudine”in the 1960 Walter Lang film called Can-Can.As she was under contract,she missed a few opportunities to go to Hollywood but eventually left a show in Spain in which was starred to travel to the Unites States for this film.During the filming of Can-Can in 1959,she captures the international fame.Nikita Khrushchec,the soviet leader visited the set of the film and proclaimed her performance “immoral”.


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Juliet Prowse

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