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Jules Perrot

Jules Perrot was born on August 18,1810 in Lyon,France.He was a French Virtuoso dancer and a master choreographer who was well remembered internationally for creating some of the most famous ballets of the Romantic period.He first drew attention by imitating the style of the comic dancer named Charles Mazurier. This led to his association at the Gaite Theater in 1823.After he left Opera as it did not offer him appropriate salary in line with the earning of top ballerinas.He was engaged in London in the year 1835 and it was in the year 1836 that he moved to Naples where he met young dancer named Carlott Grisi. He accompanied her to London in 1836 as her teacher,mentor and a suitor and then to Vienna where his first important ballet  anmed Der Kobold,Faust ,a major ballet was produced was produced by him in the year 1848 for Fanny Elsser at La Scala in Milan.


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Jules Perrot

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