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Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker was born in Freda Josephine McDonald in St.Louis,Missouri on June 3rd,1906.She did not belong to a rich background and her youth was spent in poverty before she learnt dance and found success on Broadway.She moved to France  in the year 1920  and became one of Europe’s very popular and among the highest paid performer.During World War II ,she worked for the French Resistance   and she fought against segregation and racism in the United States in the 60s.She took up to dancing in Paris practicing in clubs and in street performances  and it was around 1919 that she toured the United States along with the Jones Family Band and Dixie Steppers.She got married to Willie Baker.She sang professionally for first time in 1930 and she worked in some films as a singer in Princesse Tam-Tam and  Zou-Zou. She developed close friendship with American artist Robert Brady during her visits.


Dance forms
  • Jazz
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Josephine Baker

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