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Joaquin Cortes

Joaquin Cortes was born in Cordoba and then he moved to Madrid.He joined ‘Ballet Nacional de Espana’ at the age of 15.He traveled all over the globe with this company and acted in Metropolitan Opera House in New York and the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow.His first show with his company ‘Cibayi’ was presented in Japan,France,Italy,Venezuela and the USA.His debut film was The Flower of My Secret and then he was seen again with Flamenco .’Pasion Gitana’,his second show released in 1995 along with the participation of Georgio Armani as the costume designer.He made a music album in 1997 with his group called ‘The Gipsy Passion Band’ in which he was a musical concept director and collaborator.’Pasion Gitana was presented in the festivals of Sydney,Canada,Tokyo and New York in the year 1998 and in 1999 he presented his show named ‘Soul’.In 2001 he presented several choreographies from ‘Cibayi,’Soul’ and ‘Pasion Gitana’. 


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Joaquin Cortes

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