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Jiri Kylian

Jiri Kylian, a dancer and a choreographer was born in 1947 in Prague,Czechoslovakia.His father,Vaclav was a banker and his mother,Marketa was a dancer child protégée. It is obvious that during the post war  in Czechosovakia  it was unusual for a boy to accept and choose dance as a profession.Earlier dance was njot his priority but his first love was circus.He has been the artistic director and house choreographer of Nederlands Dance Theater for more than 30 years.His focus shifted to small scale projects since his last piece Memoires d’Oubliettes for NDT in 2009 .He has created works for companies globally such as Stuttgart Ballet,The Paris Opera,The Munich Bayerisches. He has also been the recipient for various awards such as Officer of the Royal Dutch Order Of Orange-Nassau and honorary  Honorary Medal from the President of the Czech Republic.Today his masterpieces are performed by various companies and schools worldwide.


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Jiri Kylian

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