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Jimmy Slyde

Jimmy Slyde was born on October 27,1927 in Atlanta,Ga and was an American tap dancer who mastered rhythm tap in which the dancer’s feet itself becomes an instrument involving a lot of footwork.Jimmy Slide had a smooth style in which he could glide across the floor but very little or no body movements and had a wonderful time .Earlier he performed in clubs and then he moved to Paris  where he introduced rhythm tap and then appeared in the Black and Blue revue.He gave appearances in various films too such as, The Cotton Club (1984), ’Round Midnight (1986), and Tap (1989)  and hosted jam sessions for tappers in the New York City nightclub .He had a National Heritage fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts (1999) and a Guggenheim fellowship (2003).He almost of his life continued to perform and teach throughout United States.


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Jimmy Slyde

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