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Jill Kenney

A New York based dancer,choreographer and a teacher,Jill Kenney currently is a tap assistant at Broadway Dance Center since 2008.She is a faculty at NYC dance studios.Jill Kenney is also a firector of the program at the Dream Center Dance Academy on Long Island.Jill Kenney has performed with Salsberg’s tap company and  Les Femmes Plus at Symphony Space,Lincoln Center ,The Friars Club, Brooklyn College, and Boston’s Regent Theater.Her credits include, The Friars Club, Brooklyn College, and Boston’s Regent Theater.For various years she has been a team leader for ATDF’s Tap it Out  which was an outdoor concert directed by Lynn Schwab,Tony Waag Other her performances include   the High-line Ballroom, LG Electronics, Disney Cruise Lines, and the tour of Dancin’ on Common Ground.She has given performances with the Andrea Torres Dance Company and Carlos Donan’s Folktap. Jill Kenney basically is from Rhode Island who grew up and was trained in various dance forms under Lisa Mailloux and also at the Newport Academy of Ballet’s direction.


Dance forms
  • Tap dance
Choreography Experience
Dance Experience
  • Advanced




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Jill Kenney

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