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Jewel McGowan

Jewel Mcgowan was born on 30 march,1921 in San Fransisco,California.She was known for the Chool song,The talk of the town and Buck Privates.She died in the year 1962.He was a dancer of Lindy Hop which is a form of Swing dance in the 1940 and 1950.She is famous among dance aficionados as the regular partner of Dean Collins.She was considered as the best female swing dancer who lived along with her fellow dancers.Apart from social dancing,Dean and Jewl appeared together as dancers in films of that era.They were partners for 11 years and they were called the Fred and Ginger of Lindy Hop.Jewel is known for her hip swivels which remained admired till today.Jewel McGowan appeared In the Kingdom of Swing partner Dean Collins .She has been honored with The California Swing Dance Hall Of Fame and the Stellar Star award.He has also appeared in few short films as well such as “Chool Song”and “Hilo Hattie”.


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Jewel McGowan

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