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Jermaine Browne

Jermaine Browne is a very famous Choreographer,Movement Coach,Teacher and a model.He has an international appeal for his grace driven dances and emotionally inclined sensuality.He was discovered as a performer in a Blockbuster commercial with Cindy Crawford  and then he got the chance to work with other brands such as the Gap,the Nike and Toyota.He contributed to the European MTV Music Awards of 2005 including the performances of host,Gorillas and Borat. His dance and style captured attention of various fashion designers throughout the globe.He collaborated with many fashion designers to develop a fashion line inspired by dance.He choreographed the Carolina Herrera Fashion Film and Spring 2014 Campaign.He has worked for actress Emily Blunt ,Kate Hudson,Mick Jagger as a Movement coach .He has done choreography Ella Henderson’s performance at The London Palladium   ,Grammy award winner Jennifer Hudson.He has even extended to Asia where he is associated with brands such as Youth Square and I Dance.


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Jermaine Browne

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