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Jean Coralli

Jean Coralli was born in 1779 and was named Giovanni Coralli Peracini and was a French dancer and a choreographer .He is known for his creation of the Romantic Ballet Giselle which he choreographed with Jules Perrot,another French dancer.Jean Coralli was born into a Bolognese. He did his studies at the Paris Opera School.His debut was in the year 180.He gave performances with Sebastian Gallet’s Company in London from 1802-03.Jean Coralli was highly respected and if there was one ballet master who considered in the right place and at the right time and with right skills and right attitude it was him.In 1825 he choreographed to prove himself as an appropriate ballet master.though he was a tough competition to work with but it is believed he gave designers,musicians,dancers huge opportunities to display their talents .His ability to create illusion through dance was the most prominent from his collaboration on Giselle.


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Jean Coralli

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