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Jack Cole

Jack Cole is also known as the “Father of Jazz Dance” was born on April 27,1911 .He was an American dancer,theater director and a choreographer.Jack Cole was a performer at the Broadway musicals .His first choreography in Broadway was Something for the Boys.He has done for choreography for Foxy,Kismet,Zenda,Kean,Jamaica,Man of La Mancha,A funny thing happened on the way to Forum.He studied Bharatnatyam too which is an Indian form of dance .He has also worked in films;Moon over Miami,Meet me after the show,The thrill of Brazil,Kismet,Lydia Bailey,Edie was a lady and many more to add.He has conducted workshops for Columbia Pictures and his disciples included Carol Haney.

He opened a dance company with the Denishawn Dance Company with no training and it was in six months that he was part of the production.He is an inspiration to many in the fields of jazz and is a respectable name for choreographers.



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Jack Cole

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