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Isadora Duncan

Isadora Duncan was born in San Francisco,California on May 26,1877.She believed in an approach to dance that has naturalistic movement.She performed classical dance and was hit in Europe and opened up various schools that taught dance and various other forms of learning. Before moving to Europe,she lived in Chicago and New York.She studied Greek mythology with her brother Raymond.She went on for successful tours and became a European sensation honored by everyone along with the fellow artists who loved to capture her in sculpture,poetry and painting.She came to be known as the “Mother of Modern Dance”.She was the founder of dance schools in the Germany,United States and Russia.Over all she was considered an adventure,dancer and a defender of the free spirit.She believed her dance to be a natural process and not an invention but a discovery of motion,beauty and form.She was a champion for women’s rights.


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Isadora Duncan

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