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Ian Eastwood

Ian Eastwood or Ian Anthony Eastwood is a choreographer, dancer and a director born on April 16, 1993 in Chicago. He began dancing since the age of 10 and then he moved to Hollywood for making his career in dance .Ian was highly appreciated for his music video called,”sober” and has also supervised choreographer for the movie”Beaking through” which was written and directed  John Swetnam produced by John Legend .Ian Eastwood choreographed Zendeya’s music video”Replay”that was featured hugely on the Disney Channel,had a solo spot on “Dancing with the stars”was a celebrity choreographer on DanceOn’s “Dance Showdown” and “Return of the Superstars” and gave an appearance as a principal dancer in the Justin Beiber Music Video “Beaitu and a beat”.He has done choreography for Trevor Jackson,Vic Mensa, Tori Kelly,Blake McGrath, 5LPs,K-Pop star Taemin. He takes pride in his self produced  and directed videos that appeared on YouTube channel that had a following of 400,000+ subscribers.


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Ian Eastwood

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